Sundose: Personalized Dietary Supplement created especially for you

Your Personalised Supplement. Accurate. Easy. Better.

All-in-one custom made nutrient mix fully tailored to your health & lifestyle. Better and more accurate with every sachet you take. Just for you!

As seen in...
?When choosing a supplement, everything matters!
As Sundose gets to know you better, every new formulation will be even more accurately tailored to your unique health needs.
Table with glass of SundoseThe highest quality product to prepare you for the day ahead!
Prepared by scientists, nutrition experts and dietitians.Validated by leading health specialists and the most recent scientific findings.Manufactured to the highest European standards in our own certified laboratory.Certified to thehighest European quality standards.
Sundose Has Made 25,127+ Lives Better
Suzy, 41 years old
full-time working mum
The Need:
Addicted to sweets, kidney problems, busy life, but tries to work out and eat healthy.
Personalised nutrient mix in one sachet:
Omega-3Vitamin B GroupChromiumZinc+17 more...
After 1 Month::

“I was trying to lose weight and ended up with a nutrient shortage from my low calorie diet. Sundose made me realise that, outside of all the essential nutrients, I was also lacking extra B vitamins, zinc and chromium. Since taking Sundose, I've actually quickened my metabolism!”

You tell us what you want to achieve...

and we'll create the ideal supplement, perfectly fit to your goals!

I want to
boost my energy
strengthen my immunity
support my digestion & gut health
improve the health of my skin, hair and nails
support my mind
supplement during my pregnancy
supplement my specific health condition
you tell us!

so I can spend more time on passion projects after work!

Hmm... you might be lacking some B vitamins, iron or magnesium. Do you eat dark chocolate? Let’s find out!
Let's create

your unique nutrient mix!

Discover the Benefits of
Smart Supplementation with Sundose!

Research shows that 91% supplement takers choose their supplement themselves.
In most cases, incorrectly...
When you choose your supplements on your own, it's very likely that you will...
...make serious mistakes....struggle to maintain regularity when taking multiple pills....choose a generic solution, such as a multivitamin, which isn’t tailored to your unique needs and health goals.
This leads to...
Poor efficacy and a waste of your money, in the best case scenario.Continued struggles and additional health problems, in the worst case scenario.
What about personalised supplements?

At Sundose we approach supplements the smart way! Our mission is to provide the most accurately tailored formula for each of our unique customers - we even change your mix over time to meet your changing health goals. We help you achieve the best possible effects in the easiest way.

What Makes Sundose Different?

Over 17 billion formula combinations

Smart Personalisation
Science-backed recommendations
Based on health survey & blood tests
100% tailored to your health & lifestyle
Ongoing support & adjustments to your mix
Free assistance from a dietitian
Easy-to-use app to help keep your healthy habit
Monthly mix optimisation
High Quality Ingredients
Free from preservatives and fillers
Highest European production standards
Pure, highly bioavailable & easy to absorb
All-in-one complete & compact. Simple
Everything you need in one sachet a day
Mix of up to 40 different nutrients adjusted individually to you
You receive and pay for exactly what your body needs

Why Our Customers Love Sundose?

Wow! Last month we delivered as many as 150 000 sachets straight to your doors! That says it all!

Sabina13 May 2020 via 5 stars

I have been using Sundose for a month now and can't believe how much better I feel. Stronger physically, more alert mentally and sleeping better too. I can't wait to see how I feel next month. They taste great and because I keep them in the fridge I see them when I go to grab the milk for my morning coffee so I never forget either :)

Anna16 April 2020 via 5 stars

I am very happy with how the company cares about me as a client, awesome contact, quick response for every question. The product is perfectly tailored to me. Better mood, more energy, decreased desire for sweets are only one of the few pluses from a long list. I bought one box to trial, but I will keep it up! ❤️❤️❤️

Greg27 January 2018 via 5 stars

Sippin’ Sundose, feelin’ like a rockstar! Energy level 1000.

Marta CH20 January 2020 via 5 stars

It’s the 4th month of my ‘friendship’ with Sundose 😉 and I am very happy 😊. My hair grows like crazy, nails are strengthened, and I have no more problems with waking up 😁. Generally I have much more energy!!! Only positives, no negatives! 🥰 Thank you! Sending my best regards to all 😘❤️

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